Catherine Moore


Public Library


Portland Public Library


Art Direction


Print Design


Spring 2022


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

This project’s prompt was to redesign the visual identity of

a preexisting company in the service industry. Working with simple geometric shapes that connote the learning that occurs

at a library, I built a logomark comprised of the initials of the institution. The typeface chosen for the logotype is very

circular, keeping in stride with the simple geometric shapes

of the logomark and graphics used on various collateral. I also implemented this conceptual approach when deciding to use

two primary colors, red and blue, as the colors identifying

the library.

Selected for Auburn University’s Juried Student Show, this branding project combines simplicity and bold colors to create a modern identity for a classic institution. The shapes, used as supplementary elements, can be implemented

on a variety of collateral, creating a flexible but cohesive system.