Catherine Moore

Johnny Flynn

Album Cover


Johnny Flynn Album Cover




Fall 2022


Adobe Illustrator

I approached this illustration project with a more gestural,

colorful mindset in order to create a weird amalgamation

of handmade shapes. Embracing the folk roots of this album

led to including “imperfections” that coincide with the raw,

no fuss nature of the music. This decision manifested as crumbs

of pastels being present due to hand-drawing and scanning everything into the computer, as well as using a cold-pressed paper for the background of the illustrations.

Johnny Flynn is one of my all time favorite music artists, so remaking

one of his album covers was a daunting task. While developing a direction,

I felt I could capture the essence of his first album with folk-style illustrations,

so I hand drew and scanned in a myriad of shapes, animals, plants, and

other doodads.