Catherine Moore

Infinite Ways to

Draw the Sun


Infinite Ways to

Draw the Sun


Art Direction

Motion Design


Fall 2022


Graphis New Talent

Honorable Mention

Adobe After Effects

Handwritten Type

Infinite Ways to Draw the Sun is a fictional film for which

I created the opening title sequence. The movie would be

a documentation of the experience of a woman working

through her creative process. The focus on her, the viewer

would be swept away by the captivating ups and downs of the generation of a project. 

The handwritten type, animated textures, and application

of effects highlight the craft of the sequence, suggesting

the protagonist of the film could have made these opening

credits herself.

The opening title sequence gives the audience an abstracted synopsis

of the film, illustrating the steps of the creative process. Following the “protagonist”, an audience witnesses the onslaught of ideas, the trial and

error stage, and the synthesis of a final product. Working with simple geometric shapes, predominately circles, the animation serves as a microcosm of the feature length film to follow.

handwritten type studies and initial keyframes

keyframes that did not make the final cut, working on visualizing the steps of the creative process

notes fleshing out the steps and intention of the animation

keyframes detailing the more complex sections