Catherine Moore




Hueman Collective


Print Design

Social Media


Spring 2022-Summer 2023


Professional Work

Adobe Indesign

Released in the summer of 2023, this project was a year

and a half long endeavor. Working with a local online

magazine, I designed their first print piece, a 130 page

collection of all the major stories they have published.

Hueman Collective is dedicated to telling stories that strengthen the sense of community in the Auburn/Opelika area. Acting as a culmination of this venture, the print edition is a tangible representation of the stories that tie us all together.

The spreads themselves were designed with a clean elegance

in mind, allowing the beautiful imagery to shine and the

different types of stories to have a similar visual tone.

The balance between imagery and copy was extremely important to maintain here because they are both worthy of the viewer’s attention, so I worked to give each the spotlight throughout. Working on a five column grid, I kept sizing across the spreads and stories consistent while designing eye-catching, dynamic layouts.