Catherine Moore

A Study of

Dune’s Gom

Jobbar Scene


A Study of Dune's

Gom Jobbar Scene


Art Direction

Editorial Design

Book Binding


Fall 2022


Adobe Indesign


Neenah Classic Crest 118gsm,

216 gsm (Solar White, Antique Grey, Pewter)

“A Study of Dune’s Gom Jobbar Scene” is a synthesis of three different perspectives of the well-known gom jobbar scene

from Dune. With the hope of gaining insight on this titular moment, the booklet presents a way to see its evolution from

page to screen. Delve into a world run by people whose desire

for power and spice consumes them and get an up close look

at a moment that sets young Paul Atreides on the path to

gaining a position of influence in it.

Each section of the booklet has its own paper size, paper

color, grid structure, and typeface. These elements serve to

visually differentiate the three copy sources from each other.

Nesting the sections on top of each other from smallest to

largest results in the reader being greeted by all three sections

of the publication at once. This format creates a "choose your

own adventure" opportunity for the reader. Rather than keeping the traditional linear experience of reading a book, the audience

is presented with the choice of starting at the beginning or jumping to one of the later sections.

The gom jobbar scene involves the protagonist undergoing a test of putting

his hand in a box to withstand massive amounts of pain. If he removes his hand from the box, a poisoned needle at his neck, called the gom jobbar, will end his life. As a way of incorporating the events of the scene into the piece, I used a rectangular motif throughout. I also aimed to communicate the futuristic, scientific tone of the book in how I treated the typography and layouts.