Catherine Moore

Fire of Love


Fire of Love


Art Direction

Print Design

Motion Design


Fall 2022


Graphis New Talent Silver Award Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

This animated poster is a piece promoting the release of

the National Geographic documentary Fire of Love. The

documentary celebrates the lives and careers of Maurice

and Katia Krafft, two French volcanologists who fell in love

and together were dedicated to studying these equally

marvelous and harsh environments.

The documentary is a compilation of Maurice and Katia’s

stunning research footage, so I decided to make that footage

the focal point of my poster. To add another type of movement,

I overlaid circles that orbit around the footage and split into two

in time with explosions in the video. The color and type choices

all work to establish a visual tone that connects to the footage

and the Kraffts’ line of work.

Receiving a Silver Award in the 2023 Graphis New Talent Competition, this piece combines the foundational elements of print design with the modernity

of motion design. The subtle textures add to the dynamic quality of the poster while keeping the audience’s focus where it belongs, on Maurice and Katia.

layout sketches

sketches on a modular grid, deciding on layout

narrowing in on the final composition, beginning to think through animation aspect

sketching out possible animations with finalized grid

high fidelity sketches of the logotype, finalized grid and animated orbs