Catherine Moore





Art Direction

Print Design


Web Design


Spring 2023


Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator



GF Smith 175gsm, 270gsm

(Lavender, Mid Green,

Sorbet Yellow, Vermillion)

Neenah Classic Crest 120 gsm

(Natural White)

For my senior project at Auburn University, I developed and designed Concentric. Concentric is a quarterly publication tailored

to the interests of each and every subscriber. Choosing from an assortment of culture/lifestyle topics, readers can pick seven that they will receive a story about in each issue. Unless they change their preferences, each issue they get in the mail will include the seven stories that coincide with their selected topics.

Each issue of Concentric is a deconstructed publication, with

the stories printed as individual booklets and shipped in that

issue's special cover and envelope. 120 pages and covering

an expanse of topics like fine arts, graphic design, recipes,

travel, and more, Concentric is a publication that seeks to

bring people's desire for individualized experiences to the

world of editorial design.

detail of a spread in the interiors story

the cover and second interior spread of the interiors story

detail of interior layouts

covers of stories where printed on either green, yellow, red, or lilac paper

The deliverables for this project included advertising materials, a website,

4 example issue covers and envelopes, and a 120 page issue of the publication.

I wanted the product to feel unlike any other publication I had previously seen,

so I paid special attention to the paper I printed on, the treatment of negative space, and the type of content I included. The resulting publication is equal

parts refinement and warmth, modernity and comfort.

process notes for the identity development

process notes for layouts of a story and envelope development

development of issue covers

thoughts and layout sketches for interiors story

thoughts and layout sketches for how to story